VIDEO: “Only Uşḕlḕşş Girls Ask Their Boyfriend’s For Transportation Money”- Nigerian Prophetess Reveals

In a passionate sermon, Pastor Mildred offered advice to men, cautioning them against marrying women who are lazy and financially unstable, as she believes they would become burdens in the relationship.

She boldly expressed her view that only women with no self-worth would ask their boyfriends for transportation expenses, implying that such actions indicate a lack of independence and responsibility.

The pastor’s statement sparked a heated debate on the internet, with many women on social media rejecting the notion that requesting transportation fares makes them worthless. They argue that it is not a reflection of their value as individuals.

In our society, it is not uncommon for women to expect transportation expenses when visiting their boyfriends, as they may perceive the effort to visit as a favor to their partners. This practice has now become a topic of discussion due to Pastor Mildred’s sermon.



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