VIDEO: Police Officer Dragged to Aunty Naa For Impregnating a 16-Year-Old Girl, F!ghts him on Radio Over Neglect

Ghanaian Police Officer, Inspector Nyame Nipa Faces Accusations of Involvement with a 16-Year-Old Girl, Sparks Dispute over Paternity Responsibility.

Inspector Nyame Nipa, a police officer in Ghana, has been brought into the spotlight after allegations surfaced that he engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old SHS 1 student inside his car.

The girl, who attended Juaben Senior High School but dropped out due to her pregnancy, claims that the officer convinced her to accompany him to a certain location.

During their journey, Inspector Nyame Nipa parked his car and made sexual advances towards her.

Although initially reluctant, the girl states that she was persuaded by the officer’s claim that he had a small manhood and thus posed no threat to her.

Subsequently, they engaged in sexual activity inside the parked car, resulting in her becoming pregnant.

However, the situation took a troubling turn when the police inspector refused to take responsibility for the child.

Citing doubts about his biological connection to the baby, he declined any financial or paternal obligations.

It’s worth noting that the officer had initially offered financial assistance to the girl, as he was a family friend and aware that her father was a retired acquaintance.

The refusal of Inspector Nyame Nipa to acknowledge the child has sparked a dispute, leading to the involvement of Aunty Naa’s show to address the matter.

The case raises significant concerns about accountability and the need to establish paternity, highlighting the potentially devastating consequences for the young girl and her child in this complex situation.


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