Video: Shatta Michy Breaks Shatta Wale’s Heart Again With Her Latest Revelation

Michy, the television host and brand influencer, recently opened up about her current relationship status in a revealing interview on OKAY FM.

When asked about the possibility of reuniting with her ex-boyfriend, Shatta Wale, she candidly shared that while she still cares for him, their love has evolved into a brotherly bond rather than a romantic one.

She emphasized that Ghanaians should not expect a reunion between her and Shatta Wale, as she is currently in a happy relationship with someone whose identity she chose not to disclose.

Michy acknowledged that she has shown public care and concern for Shatta Wale due to their shared history and their child. She mentioned that while certain aspects of their relationship have faded, a small sweetness remains. Nevertheless, she expressed contentment with her current relationship.

During the interview, Michy also expressed gratitude for being able to resolve their differences after their breakup about five years ago. She stated that there is no bad blood between them and appreciated Shatta Wale’s recent support on Twitter for her newly released single.

In summary, Michy shared that while she and Shatta Wale now have a brotherly relationship, she is happy in her current romantic partnership. She also expressed appreciation for their amicable relationship, which allows them to co-parent and potentially collaborate on future business endeavors.


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