VIDEO: Stop Dating Ghanaian Ladies, Save And Travel Abroad To Chill With White Ladies – GH Man Advises

A Ghanaian man based in the Netherlands, affectionately known as Mr Happiness, has sparked a lively online debate with his advice to his fellow Ghanaian men. He suggests considering dating white ladies instead of Ghanaian women.

In the viral video, Mr Happiness confidently presents his case, outlining why he believes dating white ladies can offer a more stress-free experience compared to relationships with Ghanaian women, which has drawn considerable attention.

Mr Happiness advises his audience to stop dating Ghanaian ladies, suggesting that they save up and travel abroad to connect with white ladies for a more enjoyable romantic experience.

One of the main arguments he puts forth is that Ghanaian women are often perceived as demanding and having a sense of entitlement, unlike their white counterparts. He claims that Ghanaian ladies tend to have higher expectations and may associate love with material wealth, leading to potential conflicts in relationships.

In contrast, he shares his personal experience with his current white girlfriend, describing their relationship as relatively stress-free. According to Mr Happiness, the only disagreements they may encounter arise when he spends less time with her. He emphasizes that their love is based on genuine emotions and companionship, rather than being focused on financial gain.

You can watch the video below.


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