VIDEO: Village Chief Mercilessly Whipped By His People For Stealing Money Meant For Construction Of Wells

A village chief, known for his lack of integrity, has faced severe backlash from his community after embezzling funds intended for the construction of wells.

Reports indicate that an NGO generously donated a significant amount of money to the village specifically for the purpose of constructing wells to improve access to clean water.

However, the unscrupulous chief viewed this as an opportunity to misappropriate the funds for his personal gain, diverting them towards his own selfish interests.

A video capturing the incident has gone viral, showing the elderly chief bound to a coconut tree while receiving lashes on his bare back as a form of punishment.

The video, initially shared on Twitter by @RealOludah, is accompanied by the caption:

A village chief being whipped by his people for stealing money meant for construction of wells. A just reward for corruption & dishonesty you may agree. Is our criminal justice system too lenient in issues of corruption, or do we resort to these traditional methods of penance?



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