Viral Video: Bolt Driver And Passenger Exchange Blows After App Showed Ghc 1 Fare 

A dispute between a Bolt driver and a passenger escalated into a heated physical altercation over the fare displayed on the Bolt app, which showed a mere Ghc 1 for a lengthy ride.

The disappointed driver refused to accept the fare, while the passenger insisted on paying only what the app indicated.

The passenger justified their stance by pointing out that if the app had displayed a fare of $1 million, the driver would have expected to receive that amount. Therefore, they believed it was only fair to pay the price shown on the app.

The disagreement between the driver and the passenger escalated, resulting in a fight between the two parties.

Sika Official shared a video of the incident on Twitter, captioning it with the following statement: “A physical altercation broke out between a Bolt driver and a passenger over a disagreement regarding the final cost of the ride. The driver refused to accept the fare of GH¢ 1, claiming it was too low for the lengthy trip. The passenger argued that they would only pay the price displayed on the app and suggested that the driver would have accepted the money even if the fare had been set at $1 million.”

The video captures the humorous fight that ensued.

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