Vivian Jill Lawrence Fires Evangelist Addai For Saying She Sleeps With Her Own Son

Vivian Jill has has fired back at popular US-based Evangelist, Emmanuel Kwame Addai for accusing of her of having been sleeping with her own son for a long time now.

The controversial self-acclaimed man of God had also revealed Vivian’s last son, Alfie was even fathered by Clinton, Vivian Jill’s first son.

Evangelist Addai based his argument on the fact that the actress has not shown the second child’s father to the world before and only contracted an impostor to act as the father during Alfie’s naming ceremony.

The controversial Evangelist said he has evidence to back his claim that Vivian slept with her own son to produce his second son Alfie Nana Amponsah Okobeng.

However, in a new post on social media, the light-skinned actress fired back at Addai saying he should becareful with such wild allegations otherwise ‘nature’ will deal with him.

She posted on IG;

If fame is this easy to attain even mad people on the street should have been heroes. Insanity starts gradually till it finally explodes. It’s obvious that soon the fame u seek through mine endless toil under hot sun and heavy rain to gain, will soon get to u but, one thing I want to assure u is; posterity that reviews the blood that was shed on the soil of Ghana that u and I was birth will not let their blood go waste seeing the pain I feel because of ur insuffcient desire for fame.

Keep destroying my name and my family reputation whiles yours is compact but please, don’t come back someday to say u are sorry since you’ve decided to make me ur project through which u can derive fame. I rest my case because u will hear nature speak, negativity reverted and ill thoughts crushed. Just be prepared to dance to the beat u started with even when the rhythms changes. @evangelistaddai good evening sir.

Evangelist Addai

According to Vivian Jill, it makes absolutely no sense for someone who is just desperate for fame like Evangelist Addai to disgrace her good name to gain what he wants. Vivian explained that she wouldn’t have paid much attention to the ignorant rants from Evangelist Addai because everyone knows he is mad but this is so ridiculous and an abomination for him to suggest she sleeps with her son.

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