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THIS IS A JOKE! First PHOTO Of The New Voter ID Shows The Unpreparedness Of Ghana’s EC

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Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) has begun a nationwide voters’ registration exercise as the exercise follows a green light by the Supreme Court to compile a new electoral voter’s register.

This is my opinion and this does not represent the opinion of any political party!

Even though I’m not against the compilation of a new voter’s register ahead of the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections, I believe the Electoral commission is unprepared for this exercise.

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One would have expected the electoral commission to compile and issue out a more standard voter ID card but I was left disappointed upon seeing the first photo which I’ve seen circulating on social media.

Photo Of The New Voter ID

Ghana’s electoral commission needs to know that it’s the taxpayers’ money that is being used in compiling this new register and they could have done a better job by upgrading the standard of the new voter ID.

Secondly, the new voter ID looks unprofessional. Like which serious entity does this type of ID card in the 21st century? Even my former workplace issued a better and standard ID card which contained all important details.

A look at the picture I shared on My Twitter account above shows the photographer did a very bad job as the second ear of the voter was missing with the paper used also being cut as if a blade was used to cut it.

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This is invalid in many cases and the EC needs to upgrade their game if indeed they want Ghanaians to take them seriously. Already many people have said they’ll not register for a new Voter ID because the Ghana Card which is more standard is enough to serve their needs.

My humble appeal is that the Electoral Commission should upgrade their game and make sure the new voter ID meets all standard requirements but if they also chose to continue with the type of ID card I shared above, then we’re rather retrogressing.

I’ll also commend the electorates and the electoral commission so far so good as the registration has begun in earnest. People who have queued to register have so far maintained law and order in some of the polling stations I visited this morning.

Kudos to the Electoral Commission as all Covid-19 precautionary measures are being adhered to at all centers and thanks to the political party agents for their corporation so far for the new voter ID exercise.

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