Watch Video: “I Owe You No Loyalty, I’m Not Your Wife” – Baby Mama Tells Baby Daddy After Sleeping With His Brother

A circulating video on social media captures a heated argument between a baby mama and her child’s father.

In the video, an unidentified man confronts the woman, accusing her of being involved with his uncle, while concealing his face.

Fearlessly, the woman confronts the man and asserts that she owes him no loyalty.

She makes it clear that they do not have a romantic relationship and that she is neither his wife nor girlfriend.

The man retaliates by claiming that he is the one who pays the bills and supports their household.

Furthermore, he threatens to expose her business transactions to the public, citing her behavior and attitude as the reason.

Unperturbed, the woman refutes his allegations by stating that he has failed to fulfill their requirements in various other aspects.



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