WATCH VIDEO: Lady Rains Heavy Curses On Boyfriend For Dumping Her After Getting Pregnant

A Nigerian woman has taken to TikTok to express her anguish and shower curses upon her boyfriend, Tope, who allegedly dumped her after impregnating her.

In the emotional video that has been gaining attention, the heartbroken lady can be seen crying as she vents her frustrations and disappointment.

During the clip, the woman makes a phone call to her ex-boyfriend, Tope, to confront him about his actions and betrayal. She recalls all the things she did for him, including buying him an iPhone 7 Plus with her own money and pleasing him in bed. Despite her efforts, he still chose to abandon her for another woman.

Speaking in Yoruba, the woman passionately curses Tope, wishing that God transfers all her pain and suffering to him. She expresses her belief that he will receive the punishment he truly deserves for his actions.

The video serves as a glimpse into the heartache and pain that many individuals may experience in relationships, especially when faced with unexpected and hurtful circumstances like this.



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