WATCH VIDEO: Man Caught On Camera Printing Ghc10 Notes In His Room

A video that has gone viral in the local digital space has sparked considerable attention and concern. In the footage, an unidentified man can be seen effortlessly printing counterfeit GHC 10 notes right from the comfort of his own room.

The circulating clip captures the entire process, where the man proudly displays paper pieces that bear a striking resemblance to authentic Ghanaian cedi notes. He then proceeds to feed these paper replicas into a regular printer, and within a few minutes, they emerge as convincing GHC 10 notes.

The video has raised serious concerns about the alarming level of sophistication involved in creating counterfeit currency. It has prompted questions regarding the effectiveness of security features on legal tender and the need for robust measures to safeguard the country’s economy.

Authorities and citizens alike are troubled by the potential impact of such counterfeit money circulating in the financial system.



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