WATCH VIDEO: Mother Reportedly Kills Her Own Rich Son To Take Over His Properties 

A disturbing incident has recently come to light in Nigeria, involving a mother who is accused of allegedly murdering her own son in a calculated attempt to gain control over his valuable assets.

According to reports, the deceased, known as Dani, had gained notoriety as a “sakawa boy” and had strategically placed all his properties under his mother’s name to protect himself from the cybercrime security department in Nigeria.

Tragically, Dani fell mysteriously ill a few weeks ago. Shockingly, his mother prevented his friends and paternal family members from having any access to him during this time, raising suspicions.

In a chilling revelation prior to his untimely demise, Dani confided in his girlfriend through a WhatsApp message, sharing his distressing experience of witnessing his mother draining his life force in his dreams.

This heart-wrenching account was initially brought to public attention by a prominent Nigerian blogger known as Gistlover, who shared the story on the popular social media platform Instagram.

She wrote;

“Hello tueh tueh, vawulence Nation, this story is a very scary one,when this story break before , I didn’t want to put mouth because it’s a veryscary issue, family and friends of Dharmie Richie sent it to me but I still choose not to post it because I strongly believe that no matter what a woman cannot k1ll the child she carried for 9 months in her womb,maybe I am old school sha????okay let’s go straight to the point.

Here comes the story of a very famous and rich yahoo boy,he was famous and rich in his own time, seeing how Efcc and other government body have dealt with yahoo boys in the past, Dani choose to boycott the Efcc wahala so he acquired all his properties in his mothers name, all the money he made was kept in his mothers account.

I guess he wanted to try the hakimi way, after all there is nothing bad in being a mummy’s boy, long story short sha, Dami fell ill, the mother made sure she chases everyone close to him,they started carrying Dami up and down but medically they couldn’t detect anything, people who tried to come close to take them to traditionalist the mother said they were coming because of his money that they should leave her son yet she didn’t take him anywhere, the father side of Richie also tried to come in but the mother shut them all out.

Dami on the other side was in contact with his girlfriend via phone, he told that one that whenever he sleeps he sees his body leaving his spirit and his mum is always there in the dream draining his blood, he said each time he wakes up he will be drenched in sweat and whenever he tells the mum, the mum will simply say ‘’Ala Goh’’ ( dream is not reality) the sickness went from bad to worse and Dami lost his sanity at some point.

note: it is not drug abuse or anything , what happened to him is more of spiritual than meet the eyes, long story short sha, Dami later died, that was when family and friends now confirmed their doubts all along, the mother didn’t allow any of the father family members bury him, even some close friends were not allowed to be present , not long after Dami Richie mum started living the lavish life, spending the money the boy kept in his account lavishly from one party to“



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