Watch Video: “She Beats Me Like Hell” – Husband Drags Wife To Court And Narrates His Painful Experience

An online uproar has ensued after a husband took legal action against his wife, citing the mistreatment he endures within their home.

In his revelation, he detailed the distressing behavior exhibited by his wife, including physical abuse and the exploitation of any opportunity to harm him emotionally.

He recounted an incident where she questioned his lack of forgiveness, comparing him to her father, who allegedly endures similar treatment.

However, he acknowledged that her father possesses the resilience to tolerate such mistreatment, unlike himself.

The husband further claimed that his wife has repeatedly destroyed his entire wardrobe, leaving him without suitable attire for work and forcing him to borrow clothes from his neighbor.

Additionally, he accused her of engaging in infidelity with one of his friends.


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