WATCH VIDEO: ‘We Pay Men To Sleep With Us In Germany’ – Lady Cries Over Shortage Of Men 

A woman of African descent residing in Germany has shared her perspective on the challenges faced by single women in the country. She highlights a situation where women, due to the scarcity of men, resort to paying them for companionship.

Originally from Nigeria, the woman contrasts the Nigerian culture where men approach women to initiate relationships, preventing single or divorced women from feeling lonely.

However, in Germany, she observes a stark contrast due to the shortage of male population. This scarcity has made it challenging for everyone, particularly single women, as they often do not receive approaches from potential partners.

The woman further explains that the situation has become so dire that single women have to actively seek out male companionship by personally inviting them to visit. Additionally, they often cover the expenses associated with their travel arrangements.

She notes that even after paying for the men’s travel, they still feel obligated to provide food and hospitality upon their arrival.

The woman concludes that these are some of the tactics employed by women in Germany to attract male attention.



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It should be noted that the details mentioned are based on the woman’s personal perspective and may not necessarily reflect the experiences of all individuals in Germany.


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