WATCH VIDEO: Witch Bird Sent To Kill A Man Allegedly Falls And Turns Human In Broad Daylight After A Pastor’s Prayer

A peculiar incident has been reported in Gomoa Mampong, Central Region, where it is claimed that a bird transformed into a human. The bizarre occurrence was captured in a video shared by UTV on Twitter.

According to the UTV reporter, Seth Mantey, the incident took place in the house of a man named Paa Kwesi. He had been suffering from illness for about two months, experiencing recurring headaches only at night. Seeking spiritual guidance, the family consulted a prophetess who advised them to pray at midnight.

As the family engaged in prayer, they noticed two birds landing on their building. One of the birds flew away, while the other remained. Strangely, they heard a loud sound outside, and upon investigating, they allegedly discovered that the remaining bird had transformed into a human being.

The transformed entity, a young lady from New Winneba, reportedly admitted that she was a witch and had been sent to kill Paa Kwesi, who was allegedly sold to her for GH¢50. Sub-chief Nana Antwi intervened, urging the community not to harm the young lady and promptly contacted the police for assistance.

After revealing her origin, the girl was unable to speak any further, raising more questions about the mysterious incident. The case has been referred to the Ghana Police Service at Gomoa Okyereko for investigation.

If confirmed, this bizarre occurrence would undoubtedly remain a truly strange event.


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