“You’re Not My Class” – Lady Tells Her Trotro Driver Boyfriend After Spending His Ghc20,000 Without Doing The Tatata – (Watch Video)

A middle-aged Ghanaian man recently made headlines when he brought his girlfriend to Oyerepa FM’s Oyerepa Afutuo show, airing out his grievances about being taken advantage of despite his significant financial investments in their relationship.

As a trotro driver, he had been dating the woman for six months and had spent a substantial amount of money on her, including purchasing foodstuffs, bushmeat, and even tiling her house.

However, the man was left frustrated and humiliated when his girlfriend refused to engage in a physical relationship, claiming to be a prophetess and insisting on marriage as a prerequisite.

In an attempt to win her over, he even handed her his car owner’s money, believing that their relationship would eventually lead to marriage. To his dismay, she ended their relationship, citing differences in social class as a reason for their incompatibility.

Reflecting on the situation, the man now realizes the error of his ways. He acknowledges that he was foolish to invest his entire savings in someone who did not truly value him. He recognizes the importance of taking the time to understand a person’s character and compatibility before committing significant financial resources.

This cautionary tale serves as a reminder for others to be cautious when blindly trusting others and to assess the true worthiness of a person before making substantial investments.



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The man’s story serves as a valuable lesson for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration and genuine understanding before making significant financial commitments in a relationship.

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